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Transitional home in Las Vegas neighborhood moving after 13 Action News story

Relocation set to happen in 3 weeks
Posted at 11:33 PM, Jun 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-14 03:35:13-04
UPDATE:  The man behind the transitional home tells 13 Action News it will be relocated within three weeks.
"I don't want the neighbors to feel uncomfortable," said Marce Casal. 
Casal is the President and CEO of Well Care, a behavioral and medical clinic that aims to provide resources for those in need.  
"We have family practitioners, we have psychiatrists," said Casal.
Clients can meet with case managers, nurses, doctors, and therapists at the facilities location on 5412 Boulder Highway.  Additionally, the organization helps clients find the right job and home. 
"I lost my wife to breast cancer," said former client Johnn Ventiniglia, "not even 7 months later, I lost my oldest daughter to a drunk driver."
Ventiniglia soon found himself living on the streets.
"I was suicidal," he said.
Ventiniglia credits the program with turning his life around.
"I am the Director of Operations for a trucking company," he said.
Casal is in the process of opening up a new facility, with approximately 80 beds, near Charleston and Fremont.  
ORIGINAL:  Las Vegas valley moms say they are living in fear after a transitional home opens up in their quiet neighborhood near Deer Springs and Fort Apache.
"It's almost like they're watching us," said mom Donna Paxman.
Families say they have spotted a van driving up and down their street every day for months now.
"They're driving really really slow," said Paxman, "and just kind of peeking out."
We're told the van drops off different men at the home next door.
 Mom Lisa Guerena tells 13 Action News one of the men made inappropriate comments towards her.
"Yelling kind of dirty obscenities in my direction," said Guerena. 
Families say they are too nervous to allow their children to play in the front yard.
13  Action News discovered the property is being used as a transitional home.
"I understand trying to get your life together," said Paxman, "...but there's a place for that ... not with our children."
We spoke with the organization behind the transitional home.  
In a candid interview, the CEO said there is no danger to the community.  He explained the background of the residents inside the facility. Additionally, he said he is willing to work with these families.  
Part two of our story airs on Tuesday night.