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Valley family wants stolen horse back

Posted at 12:52 AM, Oct 18, 2016
A baby horse’s health is in jeopardy all because someone went onto a family’s property and stole the mama horse. That 10-year-old horse just had the baby that needs her mom back so she can get milk. The distraught family just wants the mama horse, Coqueta, back.
The horse was stolen from the owner’s yard, near Charleston and Sloan, while he and his friend Isidro Dominguez were at dinner Saturday night.
“When we come back, we didn’t find the horse no more,” said Dominguez.
Dominguez said they looked all over the neighborhood for the horse, but never found her.
“I love my horse, I need my horse back, that’s it,” said the owner. “My baby (horse) needs the (mama) horse back cause it needs milk.”
The horses are in the process of becoming therapy horses.
Dominguez says they will not press charges if the thief returns Coqueta. They just want the horse back. They will even pay money to get her back.