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Valley cleaning up after heavy storms

Posted at 6:37 PM, Apr 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-12 01:09:09-04

UPDATE: Crews continued cleanup on Monday. Several areas were still reported as flooded, however, rain was minimal on Monday.


While the worst of the weather has come and gone, people are continuing to deal with the aftermath of Saturday's flooding.

Crews cleaned up around the valley Sunday.

Near Charleston and Nellis boulevards, water in an overflowing flood channel reached street level, knocking a fence down and tossing trash and debris into the street. It also tore through pipes that were being worked on in a remodeling project.

"It didn't go through the piping. It went above it and around it and it just knocked all the piping and threw it all around," said Randy Ortega, whose backyard sits on the edge of the wash. "It just made a big mess over there."

Workers spent the afternoon shoveling away mud and debris off Charleston Boulevard.

Farther north along the wash, a truck went into flood waters near Owens Avenue and Sandhill Road. No injuries were reported.

There were also drainage problems around the valley.

The parking lot of a Siegel Suites near Martin Luther King Boulevard and Bonanza Road was still overrun with water nearly 18 hours after the storms passed through.