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Las Vegas business owners fight to get rid of growing homeless encampment

Posted at 7:10 PM, Apr 21, 2017

Las Vegas business owners are fighting to get rid of a growing homeless encampment they say is disrupting business near Valley View Boulevard and Spring Mountain Road. 

John Waroe owns Turf Sporting Goods on Procyon Street, where he says a homeless camp is growing across from his store. 

"Every time I turn down the street, it's like 'ugh, they're still here,'" said Waroe. 

When 13 Action News went out to the area there was a pile of trash, luggage and bikes along with a makeshift tent with at least two people inside. 

"It's not a glamorous place, but at the same time we really don't want our customers to see that," said owner of Nevada Precision Gianni Ygnelzi. 

The two business owners said they have reached out to police and the county to get rid of the homeless camp, but they say their complaints weren't heard. 

"We've called the police three times so far," said Ygnelzi. 

13 Action News called Clark County who said they have not received any complaints but are checking with their Code Enforcement team. They also said since the homeless camp is on a sidewalk, the issue would need to be addressed by police. 

Police did tell 13 Action News that they are looking into how many complaints they have had in this area, but an issue like this would take time to get rid of because it could involve multiple agencies. 

Right now there are two vacant buildings on Procyon Street, and Waroe says in the past vacancies have brought in more homeless people. 

"[In the past] there were probably about 6 or 7 pods down the road and it was bad," Waroe said. 

13 Action News also spoke to one of the owners of a vacant building on this street.

They said they want the homeless camp gone as well and have proof people have been breaking into their businesses.