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USPS investigating mail theft in Summerlin

Posted at 9:31 PM, Sep 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-07 10:14:54-04

LAS VEAGAS (KTNV) — The United States Postal Service is investigating mail theft at one of their Las Vegas locations.

Maria Rudnev is one of many in the Summerlin area who say their mail has not been delivered in days.

Rudnev lives near 215 beltway and Far Hills and says her mailbox was empty Tuesday, then again Wednesday.

Finally on Thursday she asked her mailman what was going on.

“He said no, I was here, but we did have mail stolen from our Summerlin location,” says Rudnev.

USPS confirms they are investigating mail theft that happened at their Summerlin Station near Town Center and Summerlin Parkway.

A USPS spokesperson says an "unspecified" amount of mail was stolen.

They could not say how it was taken, but that those responsible broke into secured area at the station.

“It’s definitely a hassle, it’s concerning that that much mail was taken,” says Rudnev.

Adding to frustrations, Rudnev was expecting a time-sensitive letter from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, she spent today sorting that out.

She worries the same thing likely has happened to others.

“They don’t know probably that they are missing important documents, checks, might have been cashed by now,” says Rudnev.

Rudnev also posted on NextDoor to see if anyone else had their mail stolen as well.

There were multiple responses on her post, including one person saying they were missing their vitamins and supplements, along with others missing electric bills and bank statements.

USPS says they know the likely mail recipients and sent them notices about the theft.

USPS encourages folks to report stolen mail by contacting the Postal Inspection Service.