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USPS answers questions about recent mail theft

Posted at 6:58 PM, Dec 10, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-10 21:58:12-05
We've been hearing from frustrated and angry viewers all week about dozens of recent break ins to community mail boxes, many of them in the Summerlin community.
We are finally getting some questions answered from the Postal Service.
Even though we've been hearing left and right from our viewers about lots of mail theft going on across town, USPS says it's nothing out of the ordinary. But try telling that to the people who are dealing with it.
"They're prying the old ones from the side and once they get it past a certain point, they take a screw driver and it pops right out and they can get in no problem," said mail theft victim David Newman.
Many in our community are saying the same thing as Newman. But even though we relayed that message to USPS, they did not change their answer.
We told USPS that one of their mail carriers was quoted saying 100 boxes were hit last weekend but USPS says they still can't provide us with hard numbers.
"Honestly I would probably prefer the door to door but I think I understand why they do this. It makes for the mail deliverers, a lot easier," said Newman.
What USPS did tell us though, is they replace about 30 cluster boxes every week that have either been broken into or vandalized.
As a matter of fact, the maintenance crews replaced 10 just on Thursday.