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Around 20 ducks dead in Desert Shores

Posted at 11:50 PM, Apr 27, 2017

The residents of Desert Shores are dealing with more disturbing discoveries. Upwards of 20 dead ducks have been found in the last week.

The ducks are all different breeds and ages. Some of them are just baby chicks.

“It’s odd,” said Desert Shores resident Rex Proctor. “It’s disconcerning.”

The Nevada Department of Wildlife thinks it may be Avian Botulism, which is a fatal disease created by a toxin found in areas with decaying vegetation like in the bottom of ponds. Bugs eat the toxin, the ducks eat the bugs, and the viscous deadly cycle begins.

“We generally have a case of it about every year somewhere in the valley,” said Doug Nielsen with the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

One of the dead ducks was sent to a lab in California to be tested. Those results should be in next week.

The 20 dead ducks comes after swans were slaughtered and a swan that was shot with a bow and arrow.