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UPDATE: Frontier Airlines denies flight cancelation because of passenger

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Posted at 8:30 AM, Aug 09, 2021

CLARIFICATION: Frontier Airlines says that the flight on Sunday was not canceled because of an unruly passenger.

Frontier says that the flight was canceled due to operational matters and there was "no connection between the actions of a passenger and the cancellation of the flight."

They did admit that a "disruptive customer" was removed from the flight. Frontier says passengers were given the choice to rebook with another airline and given a $100 Frontier travel voucher as a goodwill gesture. They also said that passengers always have the option to request a refund.

The nationwide trend of unruly passengers is seemingly continuing after a flight cancellation Sunday at McCarran International Airport.

A Frontier flight from Las Vegas to San Diego ended up being canceled after an alleged drunk woman boarded the flight and caused a disturbance.

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When asked to leave the plane the woman refused and she was also not wearing a mask, according to fellow passenger Serena Smith.

That passenger told 13 Action News that security had to escort the drunk woman off the plane but the flight was still a no-go.

Frontier officials eventually told everyone the fuel on the plane overheated while waiting at the gate and they needed to add more fuel to cool it down.

A Frontier spokesperson says the flight was canceled and passengers were given a $100 voucher and the option to re-book with another airline.