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UNLV freshman is college coed by day and CEO at night helping the homeless

Posted at 11:42 PM, Oct 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-05 17:38:32-04

In his bedroom 18-year-old Dylan Sanglay surrounds himself with greatness.

"All of these are people I aspire to be," Sanglay said. "They inspire me." 

Covering the walls are great athletes, great quotes, and his dream board. 

*I knew there had to be a purpose. I didn't want to be any other person just selling clothes. Just another guy selling t-shirts."

But it's in another room in his family home where all that vision is realized. A year ago he started Dsigner_etc . He sells mostly used trendy clothing on social media sites.

The UNLV freshman plans to be a doctor, but he was drawn to entrepreneurship since he was a third grader turning a profit selling candy. His mother Lisa Lopez-Sanglay said she used to bring him lollipops as treats and her son would bundle them all up,

"Then he would come home and he has $20," she said. "And I'm like where did you get that money from? And he'd say 'oh mom I sold those lollipops for a dollar'."

A conversation with his younger sister about two homeless men changed his business model.

"She was actually kind of frightened," he said. "She was actually kind of scared. I didn't like that kind of vibe." 

Instead of tossing out clothes he wasn't selling, he gave them to the homeless.

"As time went along and I continued to keep doing it she realized the meaning of it." 

Now a percentage of the money he makes selling clothes is used buy clothes for the homeless.

"Anything  I can do to help them. That's like the least I can do."

Sanglay will be setting up shop downtown at First Friday Las Vegas this week.