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University of Nevada, Reno investigating after stop where officer jokes about shooting student

Posted at 6:35 PM, Sep 27, 2017

A controversial traffic stop near the University of Nevada, Reno was recently caught on an officer's body camera.

According to a statement from Adam Garcia, the director of University Police Services, the incident happened early Sunday morning "in which inappropriate and offensive comments were made to a university graduate student by officers."

The Reno Gazette-Journal reported that the traffic stop was initiated after the officer claimed the car swerved. The driver then admitted to drinking and police allegedly found open alcohol cans in the car.

The occupants are then asked to exit the vehicle, including the graduate student involved.

In the video, after an officer makes a comment about being glad that a man is not fighting because of his size, an officer then apparently says, "I'm just going to shoot him if things go sideways."

According to the statement, the student reported the incident to university police. Garcia and university president Marc Johnson apologized to the student, identified as ex-Nevada defensive tackle Kevin McReynolds. 

University police and the university's Title IX office are investigating the incident while one of the officers involved has been placed on administrative leave.