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Ukraine pet relief; getting fur family out

Posted at 10:06 PM, Apr 26, 2022
I think one of the first things that was the most striking was first off how many people are coming across the border with animals. This is something that i have not seen in a conflict situation is so many people fleeing with their animals.
Adam Parascandola, Vice President of the Animal Rescue Team for the Humane Society of the United States and its international affiliate Humane Society International.

Adam Parascandola recently returned from Ukraine after spending 2 weeks there on the ground in Poland with the Humane Society, providing aid to refugees crossing the border with pets.

He says the animal bond is strong and can't be broken by war. He recalls a man who refused to leave his frightened cat behind after she ran off and hid.

"They told us the cat had been missing for 3 days and he refused to move on from the reception point. So we were able to work with him. Over time we were really quiet and had him be patient. The cat finally came close enough that he was able to grab her and get her out. He was so grateful. He kept saying it's like magic," Parascandola says.

The European Union has relaxed some protocols when it comes to animals crossing over into other countries, including for Ukrainians with pets who traveled first to Mexico, planning to head to the united states.

Still, Adam says one of the hardest takeaways from the many crises he's witnessed in his career is seeing the struggles people face when trying to bring their pets with them.

But Adam says being able to help people keep the connection and their fur families together makes all the difference to him.

"There was no discussion about whether people were allowed to bring pets or not. People just brought their pets because there is no other option. They weren't going to leave them," explains Parascandola.

For those interested in helping, the Humane Society asks for monetary donations to help with supplies such as pet carriers, food, and veterinary supplies.