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UFC fighter's Las Vegas home burglarized, cat severely injured

Posted at 5:50 PM, Jan 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-13 07:38:33-05

A local UFC fighter is forced to put her cat down after her home was broken into.

The burglars didn't just steal her and her roommates' items, they also kicked one of their cats leaving it severely injured.

It happened Thursday in their home near the 215 and Wigwam Avenue.

UFC fighter, "Jessy Jess" says the burglary happened while she was out of town preparing for a fight.

"I looked and the TV and the guitars were gone and I was like, someone broke into our house."

Stephanie Michaels shares the house with Jessy Jess and another friend, Casey Trinter.

The initial shock was bad enough but they soon noticed someone had kicked their cat, Dwight, so hard he had to be put down.

"The vet came back out and he said that his heart was failing and he couldn't breathe and it had to happen right now," says Trinter.

They are heartbroken.

On Twitter, Jessy Jess asked for help to find whoever did this.

They still can't believe someone could be so cruel.

"It's all just things. But a living creature something, you can't replace," says Michaels.