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Uber, Lyft drivers need to apply for licenses

Posted at 12:53 PM, Nov 17, 2015

The Clark County Commission passed a motion Tuesday that will require ride-sharing drivers to apply for county licenses.

The motion applies to drivers of Uber and Lyft, who are independent contractors. The licensing fee is $275 a year.

There is not currently a procedure for drivers to apply for a license in Clark County.

This is the latest step from Clark County regarding Uber and Lyft. They began operating in September after getting state approval but didn't get the go-ahead from the county until October.

Uber released a statement after the motion passed:

"Today the County imposed new taxes and requirements that are not permitted under State law.  We urge the County to stop protecting the special interests of the taxi industry from competition, listen to the people of Clark County, and comply with State law."