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Uber drivers struggle to make ends meet

Posted at 11:56 PM, May 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-28 02:56:16-04

Herman Garcia hops into his SUV ready to hit the road and go to work, searching for a fare.

Garcia drives for Uber. Sometimes he can ride around for hours without a hit. So he has to go for the highest fare to make it worth the money he spends on gas alone.

“You kind of want to fish for the big fish," Garcia said.

Uber is relatively new here in Las Vegas. They're trying to attract new riders with low prices.

"They guarantee low prices to the people, but not considering the expenses we have," Garcia said.

The problem, according to Garcia, is Uber has cut prices so much it's difficult for drivers like him to make a living.

"It's very tough," said Garcia, the sole breadwinner who supports a wife, three kids, and two grandkids. “I have to work twice as much, and I don't give my family the quality I used to have,” Garcia said.

Uber, earlier this year, slashed its fares "thirty percent," Garcia said. And again last month "They dropped another 16 percent of our profit."

Garcia said that had cut his income nearly in half.

"Instead of seeing myself making $400 or $500, I see myself working twice as much and making only 250 bucks," Garcia said.

Garcia has fallen behind on his rent.  His water could get cut off any day. He said driving for Uber is driving him to the poorhouse. He is now supplementing his income by working for Uber’s competitor Lyft.

"It's not worth it," Garcia said.

Garcia said he would like to organize the thousands of Uber drivers Las Vegas to strike for better wages.

A spokeswoman for Uber said the company has lowered their fares to "incentive riders to use the service often." The more often riders use the service, the more business drivers are likely to attract.