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Uber driver accused of brass knuckle assault

Posted at 11:13 PM, Nov 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-30 09:58:53-05

An Uber driver was removed from the ride-sharing app after two men claimed he assaulted them with brass knuckles. 

The incident happened at Canyon Trails R.V. Park in Boulder City on November 11. 

According to a police report, two men approached a driver because he was speeding through the park. 

At one point, the driver exited the vehicle and got physical with the men, striking one of them with brass knuckles, the report states. 

One of the victims spoke exclusively with 13 Action News. 

"He hit me so hard I didn't realize it," Ballein said. "Blood started gushing out of my face and as I looked over at him, I saw something shiny in his left hand but I couldn't tell what it was." 

According to the report, police found brass knuckles and a knife on the driver.

The report also states that the driver told police the confrontation started because the victims threw something at his car. Ballein told 13 Action News he heard something hit the car, but couldn't identify the noise. 

The driver was arrested on two felony counts of battery with a deadly weapon. 

A spokesperson for Uber released the following statement: 

"Uber's Community Guidelines clearly prohibit violence of any kind. The driver was removed from the app shortly after this was reported."