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Two women arrested on child abuse charges in NLV

Posted at 7:18 PM, Feb 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-20 19:33:42-05
North Las Vegas police have announced they've arrested two women in child abuse cases involving babies
including one that died from its injuries. 
Police say Cynthia Lavender admitted to dropping a 5-month-old on his head on a tile floor this month.
That boy died two days later.
Alejandra Robles told police she threw a crying 7-month-old into a crib and that boy now has irreversible brain damage. 
"This is just the reality of life unfortunately and you just never know," says Aaron Patty of NLVPD.
Let's start with Lavender. 
She was babysitting a friends child at her home earlier this month when police were called there for an unresponsive 5-month-old. 
Police say she has a history of abuse with the child who is now dead.  Lavender told officers she threw the boy against a wall last month.
When asked why, she said she was frustrated. 
Now in a separate case, Alejandra Robles was taking care of 8 kids at an unlicensed daycare last November. 
Police say she threw a 7-month-old boy into a crib. That child suffered irreversible brain damage and while he is alive, he will never be the same.
Police want to remind parents to do their homework on daycares, and on the people taking care of your children.