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Two NLVPD K-9s get bullet proof vests

Posted at 1:02 AM, Feb 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-16 08:20:29-05
North Las Vegas Police Department received some great news for their canines following a scary stabbing of a Las Vegas police dog last week. Two North Las Vegas police canines are getting bulletproof vests!
Bobby the police dog has been with North Las Vegas Police Department for more than five years. His handler, Officer Paul Manteuful, has been with him from the start.
"He enjoys the toy and he enjoys this part of it but he enjoys his job a whole lot more," said Officer Manteuful. "He will turn it on when its time to go to work. That's what he lives for."
Bobby's had his fair share of close calls throughout his police career when taking down suspects in dangerous situations. He's fallen through multiple ceilings, rolled down a set of stairs with a bad guy, and even tore a few ligaments. But Bobby has never been shot yet.
"We can't obviously prepare for everything we encounter on the street. He's our partner and just as there is an inherent risk to everything we do on the street, there's a risk to our dogs too."
Bobby is sent into harm's way multiple times a night. Up until now, Bobby has never worn any form of protection, along with the other four police dogs with North Las Vegas Police. So a bulletproof vest makes the handlers and the department very happy.
"It makes me excited knowing he's gonna have this extra layer of protection," said Officer Manteuful.
"Just like we like having protection for ourselves and our own vests, it just gives us an increased chance of going home at the end of the night," said Officer Adam Rosenthal.
The organization in charge of the contest ended up granting bulletproof vests to 15 canines across the country.