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TV channels go dark after AT&T, Nexstar fail to reach deal

Posted at 4:13 AM, Jul 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-05 07:13:18-04

Some DirecTV customers saw blacked-out channels on Thursday where they would usually see local news.

DirecTV and its owner AT&T failed to reach a new deal with telecom company Nexstar, and Nexstar says 120 channels across 97 markets in the U.S. fell blank on Thursday. Instead of showing local news affiliates such as ABC, NBC and FOX, customers saw only a message from DirecTV stating that Nexstar had removed the channel.

Both companies are pointing blame at the other for the blackout.

AT&T says it offered Nexstar more money to keep the channels available. Nexstar says it offered AT&T an extension to keep the channels up while negotiations continued, but AT&T dropped the channels.

Many people took to Twitter on the holiday to demand the channels be restored.</p>

NOTE: KLAS-TV in Las Vegas can no longer be seen on DirecTV.