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Tree removal angers neighbors in Henderson community

Posted at 11:14 PM, May 25, 2017
Neighbors in a Henderson community are fighting over trees, or a lack thereof.
Driving into the Charlemont Condo complex in Green Valley, you can clearly see changes are happening.
There is a dumpster in the front parking lot full of yard waste and landscaping rock filling several parking spaces.
Not everyone is happy about the changes.
"I cried the whole time," Teresa Prater said of watching two large trees outside her condo.
This as she and other neighbors are working to stop the landscaping changes that led to more than a dozen trees being cut down.
"I understand there were a few that were dying, but they took out every single one," Steve Whitaker said.
Both Prater and Whitaker admit they didn’t attend the HOA meetings where the changes were approved.
They say they didn’t think removing the large trees was even being discussed.
A letter posted on the community board said the changes are meant to eliminate roots near water, gas and power lines, as well as ease debris problems from leaves and pine needles.
"You can't sweep it off the porch, because it would get blown right back in.  You gotta actually scoop it up and get rid of it.  It will be nice to not have to deal with tons of pine needles," Daniel Goldstein said.
The trees are being replaced by smaller trees.
Critics like, Prater and Whitaker, say those trees will never replace the shade they've lost, but several other neighbors said something had to be done.
"It's a shame we are losing the shade, but you have to change things to make progress,” Goldstein said.
While they know nothing will bring back the trees they've already lost, Whitaker and Prater are hoping they can get the HOA to reconsider continuing with the plan.
They are currently circulating a petition and have about two dozen signatures.
"We don't want any more trees cut down," Prater said.