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Travelers stranded in Las Vegas after canceled Frontier flight

Posted at 11:13 PM, Jan 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-02 09:44:04-05

Passengers of a San Antonio-bound flight had a rough start to the new year when they became stranded in Las Vegas. 

On Monday, dozens of passengers were ready to board a Frontier Airlines flight headed to San Antonio from Las Vegas.

The flight was canceled due to weather, but that was only the start of the bad news. 

"They didn't even think to help us find other flights, other connections, it was, 'Your options are Thursday or Friday or move aside,'" said a passenger named Laya who asked 13 Action News not to share her last name. 

Some passengers who didn't want to stay three to four extra days in Las Vegas opted to book with another airline. Others rented cars and started driving 19 hours back to Texas. 

"I'm supposed to start a new job tomorrow, go and fill in my paperwork, so I'm in that situation," one passenger said. 

Passengers were originally told they would not be compensated because the cancellation was due to weather. 

However, after 13 Action News started asking questions, the airline reviewed the cancellations and determined passengers would be entitled to a reimbursement, according to Frontier Airlines spokesman Richard Oliver.

Oliver said the airline will reimburse passengers affected by weather cancellations in San Antonio up to $600 for tickets purchased from other airlines.