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Travelers fly to Las Vegas to get away from family for the holidays

Posted at 8:50 PM, Nov 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-23 09:36:55-05

Thanksgiving. It’s a time for cheerful and tearful family renuions. Travelers line up to check-in, fly out  or hurry out of the terminal at McCarran to get home for the holidays.

Not this year! Thirteen Action News is talking to the travelers flying here to Las Vegas to get away from family.

Rochelle DelGreco flew in from Ontario, CA. to avoid the other side of her family. “It's just chaotic," DelGreco said. "The arguing, some of the family being late all the time."

 DelGreco just doesn't want to be stressed out. "I'm ready to get away from that and go see my other half of the family that's not like that," DelGreco said.
Tyree Brundage isn't trying to get away from her family. She wants to get away from the cold. "It's freezing in Chicago," chuckles Tyree Brundage. "It's in the 20s in Chicago. I had to pull my coat off when i got here it was so hot."

Dreea Lacey and her daughter Anzanique, are in from Austin, TX. so Anzanique can celebrate her 21st birthday.  "I'm not avoiding it. I'm just postponing it,” Lacey said.  And there is the added perk. "I don't have to cook. I can go to the buffet and they can cook for me. I can get away from family right now, yes."