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Travelers escaping Hurricane Irma's path heading to Las Vegas

Posted at 6:11 PM, Sep 06, 2017

Las Vegas is proving to be a safe haven for folks wanting to get out of Hurricane Irma's path.

Several passengers on a Wednesday morning flight from Miami to McCarran International Airport are finding their lives in limbo.

"The government said we have to move it," said Diana Mesa.

Mesa had just returned to Miami this week from a trip to Argentina before flying to Las Vegas.

She had already planned to be in Las Vegas next week, but she moved her flight up several days.

Annu Dilawri also flew in with her family. They have a beachside condo in Miami.

Dilawri said she'll be spending her time in Las Vegas watching cable news and receiving updates from her complex at home.

If these people had stayed, they'd have been faced with empty supermarket shelves and long lines at gas stations.

Paulette Parisi is from Australia and is in the middle of an international vacation. She cut short her time in Miami from the planned three days to just eight hours.

"Knew we had to get out of there because the streets are just completely empty," Parisi said. "All the restaurants are shutting down."

A common thread among travelers, whether they were from Miami or halfway across the world, was that everyone said their thoughts were with south Florida.