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Transients found living in storage units

Posted at 7:05 PM, Feb 24, 2016
We showed you surveillance where you can seepeople breaking into a storage facility. Now, police are dropping the hammer to get them out.
Covering his face, a man exits the facility with his mother.
 "Were you guys living in one of the storage units,” I asked. “No," the man replied.

 Minutes before those two left, Stephen Standley left uncovered admitting his actions.

“We would use it to rest during the day sometimes," he said.
Stephen was one of many staying at the facility weeks ago when Action News first discovered surveillance video of people breaking into the facility after hours.  
Police removed a total of 6 people who were first caught after a fire broke out and investigators determined it was because some of the units were being used as homes.
 "For that reason, we're here today to remove the people that were still residing inside the storage facilities," said Officer Michael Rodriguez.
 Stephen says he stayed calm when LVMPD arrived this morning.
 "When the authorities arrived, did you panic? No, not really. I knew it was coming."
 Now with no place to rest his head, he's hoping to get a bed at the Salvation Army.
 "It's just a lot to deal with that's all."
 As for the owner of the facility, police say he doesn't even have a business license to operate the place and is being investigated by the Clark county code enforcement office.
According to code enforcement, the owner's application for a license is still pending approval.
As of today, he can not accept any more tenants. The only thing he can do is allow current tenants to retrieve their belongings.