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Tragedy strikes again for Mowery family

Posted at 11:53 AM, Feb 06, 2016

Tragedy strikes again for a family whose daughter was struck by a car several years ago.

Alyssa Mowery was hit while crossing the street in North Las Vegas on Oct. 21, 2011. She survived but was left with major developmental issues, having to learn to walk and talk again.

On Wednesday, Alyssa's father Pat suddenly died in his sleep, leaving behind Alyssa and seven other children.

Her mom Christin says coming to terms with his death has been a struggle for Alyssa.

"She has moments of clarity where she realizes he's gone and not coming back but she has short-term momory loss so she keeps forgetting so it's almost worse for her I would think because she's learning about it and realizing it and accepting it over and over and over and over again," Christin said.  

Christin says Pat had no life insurance or other money, leaving the family with nothing to lay him to rest. The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover funeral costs.