UPDATE: New traffic signal installed at Nellis, Stewart

UPDATE APRIL 21: The new traffic signal has been installed at the intersection.


-- 13 Action News heard about a problem at the intersection of Nellis Boulevard and Stewart Avenue on Facebook.

Viewers were posting about the traffic backing up in all directions. In addition to that, the intersection does not have a permanent traffic signal. 

We reached out to the county and found out what's happening. The original light was knocked out during a storm a few weeks back. That's why there's a temporary light there now.

The traffic is backing up because the signals are working on a fixed-time sequence. That means the light won't change no matter how bad traffic gets.

Here's the good news, it is only like that because crews are working to install the permanent signal. Once that's all done, traffic detection kicks in and the lights will adjust depending on how busy the intersection gets.

More good news for you -- construction should be wrapping up within the next two weeks.

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