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TRAFFIC TROUBLES: Stephanie Street bridge opens

Posted at 7:47 PM, Jun 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-14 22:47:47-04
Drivers can now use the Stephanie Street bridge to make it over the U.S. 95 but what makes this project  unique is the elevated and separated bike path. These are the first elevated paths in the greater Las Vegas area.
"We're trying to look at how Henderson can be a healthier, a community for all the folks that live and work and play here and being able to walk and bike and get around the streets is really important," Councilwoman Debra March said.
The new paths are five inches above the travel lanes, so now drivers and cyclists have their own designated and distinct place on the road.
"We feel a lot safer with the bike lanes and we just want this be an ongoing trend," said the president of Green Valley Cyclist Club, Harry Philomena.
The idea behind this project was to make it easier for everyone to get around, but it was also about listening to what people want, which is healthier and safer options on the road.
"We're creating an environment and building our streets to the standards where everyone can use the streets and be safe and feel safe while they're using the streets," March said.
"It gets people outdoors, gets them off the couch and gets them exercise. It's a healthy lifestyle," Philomena said.