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Tourists express safety concerns after crash

Posted at 7:59 PM, Dec 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-22 22:59:43-05
The deadly Strip crash is hitting the Las Vegas valley hard and it's also affecting those visiting our city. 
The Las Vegas Strip is once again packed with tourists taking in the sights and sadly one of those sights is now a growing memorial for the victims of the deadly Strip crash.
Tourists told action news, the strip just doesn't feel the same.
"I don't feel safe," said Dorothy Christensen. "It kind of gives you a sick feeling that something like this could happen."
Ken Salter and Dorothy Christensen are visiting from Canada, as they walk by the area where police say Lakeisha Holloway intentionally drove up onto the sidewalk, plowing into dozens of people, they can't help but feel profound sadness.
"I feel sad for the people of Vegas, for something like that to be happening here. I feel sad for the little girl, I feel sad for the victim and the family and it's just a sad, sad situation," said Christensen.
Shane Brayton was on the strip shortly after the rampage, he described the scene as eerily quiet and empty.
"After the fact, a ghost town where it happened, other than police but it's still pretty weird to see all the crowds and then just nothing," said Brayton.
The horrific crime didn't stop any of them from walking down the Strip but it has changed the experience, Salter said he can't help but watch the traffic and feel uncomfortable.
"Something like this how do you protect against it but at the same time with other events that happened recently you do keep a weary eye," said Salter.