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Tourist say they walked through storms drains as 'shortcut' to the Rio

Posted at 6:54 PM, Oct 25, 2017

Two tourist from Canada say they used storm drains as a "shortcut" to the Rio.

The two men, who were stopped by police Thursday, did not want to go on camera, but told 13 Action News about their escapade.

The men said they were walking from The New York- New York to the Rio when they decided to take a 'shortcut' through an open fence. 

They said they ended up in a storm tunnel and walked more than 400 yards, that's nearly four football fields, through the drains.

The men said they ended up finding a ladder, which lead to a manhole on Flamingo right outside the Rio. Police reports said the men were seen crawling out of the manhole by a taxi driver, who alerted authorities.

"If they can get from one place to another through the man holes, than it means anybody can get into anywhere that they shouldn't be getting into," said Rudy Gamponia.

Clark County, who oversees many manholes, said while their manholes don't remain sealed, their manholes are tough to open without special equipment. The county also said they check the storm drains regularly and have no trespassing signs as well as fences to hinder people from getting into drains.

Police said neither man had a criminal history and were not arrested, but did get escorted off Rio property for trespassing.