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Top 3 scorpion infested areas in Las Vegas

Posted at 11:59 PM, May 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-20 03:08:38-04
The scorpion saga continues. 13 Action News dug deeper into the problem. We found out the top three most infested areas of Las Vegas, according to Red Rock Pest Control.
"We've seen them here a lot.  We go to the gate, and they will be on the walls of the gate," said Terra Carranza.
Carranza lives near Mountain's Edge and Fort Apache. It's considered one of the top three scorpion infested neighborhoods in Las Vegas, according to Red Rock Pest Control.
"They live in the rocks, the bushes, and trees that are around this area," said Carranza. "I mean the desert is only a few hundred feet away. It's not very far."
"We kind of find them everywhere but there are pockets that are a lot worse than others," said Dustin Banks with Red Rock Pest Control.
The other two are near Hualapai and Highway 215, near Buffalo and Flamingo. 
"They're gonna be wanting to go after water," said Banks. "So water and food. If you have landscaping in your house, on your property, a water source, they're gonna be there."
Banks and his team do black light searches as part of their extermination. At the bigger homes, they've found hundreds.
"Houses that have been there forever just established landscaping," he said.
Red Rock Pest Control says the only real way to get rid of the creepy crawlers is to hire a professional company to do black light searches for you and to spray. Their phone number is 702-518-2580.