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Three suspects arrested in North Las Vegas shooting

Posted at 11:16 PM, Jul 31, 2019

LAS VEGAS — North Las Vegas Police have arrested three suspects believed to have shot a 9-year-old girl in November.

9-year-old Makenzie is lucky to be alive after she and her 15-year-old brother were shot inside their home back in November of 2018 near Decatur and Cheyenne.

“I was screaming and I felt the pain," says Makenzie.

13 Action News spoke exclusively to Makenzie in the days following that shooting she was shot in head and in the hand.

“You know you shot a nine-year-old, why would you even do it, you know there’s consequences,” says Makenzie.

But now, finally some justice for Makenzie and her family.

According to police on July 19, a witness came forward saying they knew someone involved.

The witness told officers that Michael Bryce Moffett was the man who pulled the trigger.

That witness said, shortly after the shooting, Moffett showed the video that had been released to the media and bragged that it was him in the video.

Police released surveillance video of the shooting at the time, with the hopes someone would identify those involved.

Then, on July 25 Moffett was arrested at his home.

Police say he “confessed to conspiring with several others to go to a house and shoot the person that answered the door.”

Police also say the motive was retaliation, because his friend Anthino Vilanueva said was he beaten up by someone at the house.

Villanueva and his sister Patricia Watts were also arrested.

Watts admitted to driving the car to the house the night of the shooting.

All three suspects are expected to appear in a Clark County Courtroom Thursday.