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Motorcycle clubs hold vigil for fallen rider

Posted at 6:31 AM, Dec 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-29 09:31:23-05
Shamon Hudson, 38, was killed Sunday during a ride with his motorcycle club "No Rules No Dues."
Family members say he lived to ride, getting out every chance he could.
In a tragic twist of irony, Hudson died during a memorial ride he organized for a childhood friend who passed away last week.
Hudson's family hasn't been told much about the crash that occurred on U.S. 95 about ten miles north of Searchlight.
All they know for sure is that three motorcycles were involved.
"He meant a lot to me," said Phillip Kleinpeter, Hudson's cousin. "Probably every thought all (Sunday) night was about him."
Kleinpeter says Hudson lived for two things - his motorcycle club and his children.
"I have a lot of pain for his children because I know how much I love my dad," Kleinpeter said. "I know how much I love my cousin."
A roadside memorial of roses at mile marker 30 has been set up.

Members from motorcycle clubs from around the valley came together for a vigil Monday night to support Hudson's family.

Many of the people at the vigil knew him by his nickname "Big Boi," which included his girlfriend, who says Hudson treated her two children like his own.

Hudson had three children of his own. Their last memory with their dad was going to look at gingerbread houses.

One other rider was flown to University Medical Center as a result of the crash. That person's condition is unknown.