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UPDATE: Threatening note leads to canceled classes at UNLV

UNLV: Note targeted African Americans, Bernie Sanders supporters
Posted at 6:55 PM, Oct 14, 2019

UPDATE OCT. 15: Some professors at UNLV are canceling classes for Wednesday after a racist, threatening note was found on campus.

Officials say targeted black students and Bernie Sanders supporters and referenced the specific date of Oct. 16. While some on campus are taking extra precautions, police have said they have not found any evidence the threat is credible.

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- UNLV officials say a threatening note was found in a bathroom stall on campus that targeted African Americans and local supporters of Bernie Sanders.

The university says Las Vegas police are working with the FBI and the agencies have found "nothing credible to support the threat at this time."

Officials also say the note references the specific date of Oct. 16.

Read the full statement from UNLV Associate Vice President and Director Adam Garcia below:

Dear students and colleagues,

We are reaching out to let you know a threatening note was found on the Maryland Parkway campus late last week, and subsequently reported to University Police Services. The note was found on a bathroom stall and made a broad threat to our university community as a whole, as well as specific threats against African Americans and local supporters of Bernie Sanders. The note references the specific date of Wed., Oct. 16.

University Police Services is working in partnership with the FBI and local law enforcement and has found nothing credible to support the threat at this time. They will continue to monitor the situation and the investigation remains open.

The safety of our faculty, staff, and students is paramount and we are committed to ensuring a secure working and learning environment for all of us. You’ll notice an increased presence of University Police on campus. Although the university will remain open Wednesday, we also respect the personal choice of every individual, and we ask faculty, staff, and the administration to be flexible for those who choose not to come to campus on Wednesday.

We know such threats – real or otherwise – seek to intimidate and scare specific groups. We denounce such action and take legal measures whenever and wherever we can. Also know there are resources and support services available to you, including UNLV’s Counseling and Psychological Services.

Each of us can contribute to campus safety by remaining aware of our surroundings and practicing “See Something, Say Something.” Some of the most valuable tips police receive are from people who are not sure if the information is of interest but feel compelled to tell someone what they saw. Individuals may contact University Police Services at (702) 895-3668 and submit tips through the RebelSAFE App.

University Police Services will use our RebelSAFE notification system to inform you of any actions you need in the event of an emergency. Please take this opportunity to download the RebelSAFE App and make sure you are enrolled in text alerts.

Thank you for being part of the UNLV community. Our faculty, staff, and students stand together as one.

Marta Meana, Ph.D.UNLV President

Adam Garcia
Associate Vice President and Director
University Police Services