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Thousands visit Lake Mead for 4th of July holiday

Posted at 6:28 PM, Jul 04, 2018

Thousands visited Lake Mead National Recreational Area to celebrate Fourth of July this year.

Since the holiday fell on a Wednesday this year, it wasn't as crowded as it was this past weekend, or as packed as rangers are expecting this weekend. But there were still a lot of people.

One family, the Shinns from Las Vegas say it's their annual tradition. "I love it, it's so beautiful out here," says Darci Shinn.

She says she brought her kids here every year, and now they're continuing the tradition with her grandkids.

Whether it's boating, hanging out at the beach, or swimming, there was something for everyone.

But as they have fun, it's also important to stay safe. Lake Mead has had a history of being one of the deadliest parks in the country, including at least 11 drownings last year.

Because of that, rangers are making easy to access life jackets, with life jackets stations where you can borrow one for free to use for the day.

They also say it's important to stay hydrated, and avoid using pool toys that can float away in the wind because kids try and chase them.