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UPDATE: Christmas restored after burglars steal presents from Las Vegas mom

Posted at 7:02 PM, Dec 05, 2016
UPDATE: Christmas is restored for mother Latarvia Dexter and her 5-year-old daughter thanks to 13 Action News viewers. 
"Now it's the best Christmas. I have been blessed with two times more than I had before, so, as long as there's a smile on her face I'm happy," Dexter said. 
After 13 Action News aired Dexter's story, viewer after viewer called asking how they could help. 
Brian Lane was just one of the people who donated gifts. He replaced a Kindle Fire and headphones that were taken in the burglary. 
"It's a terrible thing that happened and hopefully this restore your faith in humanity," Lane told Dexter. 
Dexter also set up a GoFundMe account raising more than $600. 
"It's an amazing feeling that there's so many people willing to help... that there are still good people out there when you don't think there is," Dexter said.
LAS VEGAS (KTNV) --  A valley mother is wondering how she'll be able to afford Christmas gifts after thieves stole most of the family's presents. 
13 Action News spoke to the single mother, Latarvia Dexter, who said the gifts were stolen Saturday evening when she left her apartment near Bonanza and Pecos roads. 
Dexter was only gone for two hours, but it was enough time for the thieves to steal most of her 5-year-old daughter's gifts. 
"I feel so bad. I feel like I disappointed my daughter and I just feel so bad," Dexter said. 
To make things worse, this is the first year Dexter is able to really afford gifts for her daughter. 
"I have a better job this year, so, I was able to get more than I usually get," Dexter said. 
"Things were turning around for her, so to see something like this happen is really sad," said Tammy Foley, the child's grandmother. 
Dexter is now waiting for her apartment complex to fix her window broken by the burglars. Her daughter worries the people may come back. 
"She was like I'm just scared they're going come back through the window and the rest of the presents," Dexter said. "I'll I can say is what goes around comes around."


If you want to help Dexter, send an email to her at shamere07@gmail.com.