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Thief steals purse through doggie door using pole

Posted at 6:31 PM, Jul 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-11 10:54:19-04

A knife-wielding thief got creative to steal a purse from a home near Desert Inn and McLeod and it's leaving residents of a gated community feeling insecure. 

Tiana Cardona was on vacation in Ohio Sunday when a home security system alerted her to a stranger in the backyard of her Las Vegas home. 

"I noticed something missing, and I'm like, 'my purse! He took my purse!'" Cardona recalled. 

Surveillance footage showed the purse suddenly disappear from a countertop. After watching closely, Cardona realized the thief was using a clever technique. 

"He's taking a pole from the backyard from some left over construction," Cardona said. 

The video shows the thief inspecting the outside of the home and peering in through a window. 

He then takes a pole from the backyard, sticks it through the doggie door and attempts to take the purse. 

After two attempts, he successfully grabs the purse and takes off with it. 

"I'm thinking it probably just had receipts and tissues," Cardona said. "I'm glad that we're safe that we weren't home, but the fact that somebody violated our space." 

The thief left behind a glove. Cardona hopes it will make it easier for police to capture the crook.