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Thief steals money from girl at ice cream truck in east Las Vegas

Posted at 8:53 PM, Mar 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-28 23:59:30-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A young man steals money from a girl getting a treat from Frankie's Ice Cream truck at Lewis Family Park.

The owner of Frankie's Ice Cream, Norman and Vivi Cuadra, said it happened Wednesday afternoon.

Cuadra told 13 Action News the little girl was asking his wife if she would be able to break a hundred dollar bill and the next thing they knew, a thief came out of nowhere.

"We have cameras. I got eight definition cameras on the truck. I got six outside, two on the inside. Mainly for the security of the families and the children," Cuadra said.

The video showed a young man approaching the girl from behind, lunging at her and then taking her money.

Cuadra said he couldn't seem to understand why anyone would want to steal money from a kid.

"We know these kids personally, their stories and if they're doing good in school," Cuadra said. "We even have a program that if they have straight A's they get free ice cream."

The business owner who is a father of five himself says his family has been running their business at the Lewis Family Park location for close to a decade and loves the east community.

The couple says they are loyal to the neighborhood - serving up frozen treats and snacks while doing their best for the customers.

Vivi told 13 Action News that working the business has helped her care for her own family and be more engaged within the community.

Now, the two are asking the public for there help in finding the thief; he was last seen leaving in a sedan.

Cuadra said his wife tried to help the young girl the best way she could.

"She (Vivi) was pretty startled because you know she sees this little girl daily. Her father gave her the money. He didn't have change, he gave her a hundred dollars, so I felt responsible almost," he said.

As for the young girl, she walked away with a treat but a disappointment on how someone can do such a thing.

Frankie's Ice Cream truck will continue to serve ice cream, including an event on April 20. The business can also be contacted at 702-823-9353 for any further information.