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UPDATE: Friend of murdered Summerlin mom speaks

Posted at 6:03 PM, Jun 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-03 21:30:15-04
UPDATE: 13 Action News spoke with a friend of Jan Morgan-Wulf.  
"For the past eight years, she's been my client," said Amy Ho. "She loved her children."
Ho said Morgan-Wulf was a tough and loving mom.  
"She reminded me a lot about my mom," said Ho. "Her and her husband, Art, had been really looking forward to traveling the world."
Friends say the couple's 36-year-old son, Aaron Wulf, showed up at their doorstep a few months ago.
Wulf said he had just lost the love of his life. His parents allowed him into their home.  
"There was never a thought that she would be scared of him," said Ho. "They felt safe with him there."
Jan told friends her son was troubled. In the weeks before the tragedy, he was on a downward spiral. 
"They just wanted to help and rekindle their relationship," said Ho. "I am a mother and I would do the same thing."
Friends hope this tragedy will shed light on mental health issues.  
LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- A man relatives say killed his parents before killing himself reached out to 13 Action News hours before his death.
A 585-page letter is just the beginning of what the alleged killer sent us.
He calls his life "The worst nightmare in history."
But his parents final moments were the real nightmare. 
An audio message emailed to 13 Action News in the moments before relatives say Aaron Wulf stabbed and shot both parents in their bedroom. 
"I never asked for their money, I never asked for their help, I just asked for them to stop trying to kill me."
Friends say Jan and Arthur Wulf deeply loved their mentally troubled son, even inviting Aaron into their home. But the 36-year-old felt very different.
Aaron sent 13 Action News evidence of the alleged abuse.
Hundreds of pages. Awful captions. Pictures of bruises. Videos and audio recordings chronicling his life as a child actor. His career as a photojournalist.
Aaron saw himself as a victim who allegedly endured years of physical and mental torture.
His final act he says was to send a message: 
"The people who knew me, the people who had a legal obligation to protect me, they never did their job."
Wulf calls out everyone in his letter from his high school coach to his parent's friends.
We've made it about halfway through these documents, systematically calling numbers he provided.
We will have more on this disturbing story as we get it.