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The best findings at Young at Heart Expo

Posted at 8:36 AM, Feb 22, 2018

We all know someone who is reaching those later years in life and facing new daily struggles, but there are a lot of new services and products out there that can make life easier for your family.

13 Action News got a look at some of the most beneficial stuff at the Young At Heart Senior Expo. It was held Feb. 21 at the Suncoast hotel-casino. There will be two more similar events: February 28 at Sunset Station and October 10 at Suncoast hotel-casino.

Some of the best stuff exhibited is free, like the CapTel captioned telephone. A doctor's note takes it from $75 to zero. It types out what you're saying so there's no need to yell when you call a loved one. It writes in English and Spanish.

"I still have clients come up to me and say what a big difference it's made in their life," said Rachel Velez, a spokeswoman for the CapTel captioned telephone.

Then there's the smart thermostat from NV Energy. As long as you have central air conditioning and internet access, a professional will install it for nothing. It remembers your preferences and can help you save money by tweaking the target temperature by a few degrees.

You can connect several phones to just one smart thermostat. That means you can control the temperature of a relative's house or a parent's house when they can't easily do it themselves.

Finally, a new company, Dispatch Health, just came to Las Vegas. A two-person team including a nurse practitioner or a physician's assistant make house calls.

"I think it's really vital cause I think it's an option they can count on to go and see somebody if they know they're sick or injured," said Bill Butcher, a spokesman for Dispatch Health.

Dispatch Health can bill insurance.

It's helpful for worried family members. You can use the service to check on your own elderly relatives. Visits can be called in or you can download the app.