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At-home workouts offer cheaper, convenient way to exercise

Streaming services make home workouts easier
Posted at 2:54 PM, Jul 25, 2018

Gone are the days of the at-home workout VHS tapes. With streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and On Demand, you can virtually choose from hundreds of videos and workout from anywhere, all while streaming to a compatible device. 

Dani Salas, a mother of two, says pressing play has never been more convenient. 

“What I like about the streaming to your device, anywhere you get WIFI, if I have an hour break at work, I'm able to throw on my workout clothes and jump outside and do a quick workout," Salas says.

There’s no need to buy dozens of different tapes to get a variety of workouts. One streaming service can offer workouts from cardio, dance, yoga and strength training. You name it--the services probably have it.

Frugal fitness fanatics like Salas love at home workouts because they can save you hundreds of dollars on a gym membership. Now, thanks to channels like Be Fit, Pop Sugar and Tone it Up on YouTube, you can even feel the burn for free! 

Social media has even changed the game for at-home workout fans. Salas says she’s created her own online fit squad to stay motivated. 

“For us, we have an online group where we all check-in, like, 'hey, we are doing our workout this morning?'" says Salas. "We just did our workout and we are all cheering each other on, so, I still feel like you get that sense of community."

If you decide to ditch the old VHS tapes or DVDs, just know working out at home has never been easier and more dynamic.