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Texas shooting reopens emotional wounds from 1 October

Posted at 6:35 PM, Nov 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-06 21:35:40-05

For many around the valley, even more than a month later, the emotional wounds from the 1 October shooting are still raw.

It's why counselors worry having another mass shooting in Texas could trigger those feeling of PTSD all over again.

Emily Majer is from Orange County, California, and was in Las Vegas for the Route 91 festival.  She says she still deals with survivor's guilt, nightmares, and PTSD.

After hearing about the Texas shooting, she says she broke down and cried.  It inspired her to come back to Vegas for the first time since the shooting, to go to the memorial garden.

Dr. Beth Creel, a grief and trauma counselor says many patients say they don't even watch news or look at social media for fear of seeing more shooting-related posts.

She says it's important to understand that everyone processes things differently, "Well maybe I should be feeling this way or maybe I should be feeling that or I cant believe someone's feeling that way.. and a lot of time these posts really send out messages of judgment and criticism,"

Creel says Las Vegas still faces a long road ahead in term of mental health issues from the shooting, and it's important to talk about anything you may be feeling.