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Tense Thanksgiving dinner? Conversation turns political at the dinner table for one local family

Posted at 6:27 PM, Nov 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-23 21:45:36-05

There's bound to be some Thanksgiving table talk when you sit down for dinner. But the conversation can turn to one subject that will quickly lead to a house divided.

13 Action News sat down with one local family to find out how they handle politics at the dinner table.

By noon, the Thanksgiving turkey is ready with all the fixins. So far, It's another peaceful Thanksgiving at the Juranis.

Marius Jurani:This is like a year later. why are we still talking about Clinton?
Nadia Jurani: Because he is still saying ---
Marius Jurani: I know!!! He's diverting ---

Let's backtrack a little bit. Before all the yelling...

Marius Jurani: Honestly I didn't want to divulge into a yelling match.

Marius Jurani is a liberal, a 'progressive' in a largely conservative household.

"They really test my beliefs," said Marius. "And one thing I really appreciate though is it forces me to take a hard look at what I really stand for. What I actually believe."

How conservative? Well...

"She (mom) banished a couple of my uncles and aunts that voted for Obama," said Yorick Jurani. "She said, 'Don't come to my house because you voted for Obama.' I think for a year we didn't see them."

The Juranis talk about partisan issues and current events: who they voted for, what they think about the president, immigration, gay marriage, etc.

Mom and dad get into the argument too.

Nadia Jurani: At the very beginning you go to the world and multiply.
Yorick Jurani: That's more of a Catholic view.

For years, they've had their fair share of jeers and cheers. The brothers say they've mellowed down this time.

Yorick Jurani: I used to come up to him and say, "Oh he's your president!"

And even when family conversations become like this:

Marius Jurani: Are you kidding me?!?
Willie Suarez: But that's what I'm saying...

At the end of the day, they're still thankful for their family.