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Tenants say landlord won't fix giant rat problem

Posted at 11:44 PM, May 02, 2017

A valley couple wants out of their townhouse because of a rat infestation. They say their home is covered with rat droppings and they've seen at least one giant rat on their kitchen table and crawling down their blinds.

"I'm standing on the stairs screaming and all of a sudden, it went into the kitchen," said Jane Nelson.

"They're everywhere," said her husband Kevin.

The Nelsons have lived in their townhouse for five years. During the last three years, they noticed rats and mice outside the townhouse. It wasn't until five months ago that they noticed holes in their bread bag and droppings under the couch.

The Nelsons say they notified their landlord but she won't do anything about it.

According to the couple, their lease states any issue costing less than $100 is up to the tenant to fix and anything more than $100 is up to the landlord.

"She said she would address it after we were gone but that's not acceptable," said Nelson. "I still have to stay here!"

Instead, the Nelsons say they were given a 30 day notice to leave the townhouse.

"I can't get out fast enough," she said.

13 Action News called the landlord to find out what's going on with the rat issue and why nothing has been done but our call was not returned before deadline.