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Tenants fed up with apartment complex

Posted at 7:33 PM, Feb 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-04 22:48:45-05
A group of residents on the east side of the valley say they’re living in the middle of a nightmare. They reached out to 13 Action News because they simply can’t take it anymore.
It’s not the first time our crew has been called out to Canyon Pointe Apartments near Boulder Highway and Harmon Avenue.  We went a few weeks ago after residents went days without hot water.
Angry tenant Justin Marshall says more issues have emerged.
“I want people to know, to understand that this place, Canyon Pointe Apartments, if you have relatives, if you have people looking to get into an apartment, this is not the place," said Marshall. 
Reflecting on the past issue of hot water, Marshall said he “took to some old habits and just used baby wipes.”
The property managers and Southwest Gas resolved that issue, but Marshall invited us back to reveal even more.
"It's unsafe," he says.
He says a man who was once arrested for opening fire in his own unit has been allowed back. 
"The gentlemen two doors down decided to shoot of 42 rounds I believe from a 9 mm."
Our news crew counted 23 bullet holes.  It’s almost the same number of roaches that another tenant says she's killed in her unit.
"It's disgusting when you're cooking and you see these roaches coming out,” said Blanca Quintero. "We're not used to that."
The tenant says maintenance men have fumigated the unit 5 times, but most residents agree it takes the management office too long to respond to complaints.
One woman says, "They take forever."
Marshall remembers a time when his carpet needed to be repaired. He says, “It took them about a month to come and repair it."
When our crew went to the front office to ask why, 13 Action News was asked to leave the property. 
The office manager eventually spoke off-camera.  She didn’t comment on the speed of her response to complaints, but confirmed that each complaint that we mentioned has been taken care of. She even showed us documents to prove it.
As for the alleged gunman who lives on the property, she says that when he returned from jail,  the office couldn't evict him immediately because his account balance was paid. So, what they did was issue a “3-Day Notice to Quit for Nuisance." The tenant had three days to comply or appeal, but he did nothing.
So, management had to file a “5-Day Notice to Quit for Unlawful Detainer” which gives the courts the responsibility of evicting the tenant. They have yet to do so.