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Tenants claim security deposits weren't returned in full

Posted at 7:02 PM, May 16, 2017

Tenants that were forced to move out of Tivoli Village said the transition hasn't been smooth. 

In March, tenants of "The Market LV" at Tivoli Village were notified their leases were being terminated. 

In a statement issued to 13 Action News, management stated Tivoli Village issued the notices "to pursue a new tenant opportunity" and "will assist in their transition". 


But some tenants said their situation has only become worse. 

"Financially it's been really devastating to the business," said Mary Aluas who runs a dance studio known as "The Pink Tutu". 

Aluas received a letter charging her rent for a time period when she claims she didn't have full access to her property. 

She--along with two other business owners--also claim they haven't received a penny of their security deposits back. 

"I've had to pretty much use all of the savings for the business to be able to just keep us afloat," she said. 

13 Action News reached out to the general manager of Tivoli Village who had an explanation. 

He said Tivoli Village did issue refunds for the security deposits, but had to make some adjustments for outstanding payments through the end of the tenant's leases. 

Aluas and the other tenants still believe they are owed more money. Aluas plans to take her complaint all the way to a small claims court.