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Teens, parents take part in driving course at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Posted at 5:41 PM, Mar 25, 2018

Over 200 teens and their parents got behind the wheel Sunday at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for a one of a kind driving experience created to save lives.

The Nevada Highway Patrol partnered up with Drivers Edge for their Zero Teen Fatalities campaign.

"They're learning incredible skills that will keep them alive one day,” said Travis Smaka, NHP. “They're learning to expect the unexpected and not to panic when it occurs."

Behind the wheel, these new drivers and their parents experienced various driving conditions, sudden stops, slippery roads, and even just the basics. 

Moms like Mary Bryan, say this training puts her at ease.

“We have two teen drivers, and I think the schooling is probably an adequate as it is and any little thing can help that we can do for them." 

Mary's son, Jakob, says he feels even more prepared because of the wet road training. 

"When it rains here, it's crazy with all the crashes and stuff, so I think that it helps a lot of people especially kids who maybe never drove in the rain."

Drivers Edge holds multiple driving experiences for new drivers. You can sign up for a future course at https://driversedge.org/