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Teen attacked at Town Square, saved by strangers

Posted at 4:34 AM, Jan 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-13 14:51:48-05

A 19-year-old was attacked by a thief who tried to get away with her purse Sunday night. 

It happened at the Town Square shopping center just south of the Las Vegas Strip.

The victim, who asked 13 Action News to only identify her as Olivia, was leaving work around midnight Sunday night. 

"I parked farther than I normally park," Olivia said. 

The teen said as she was walking in the parking lot, she felt someone grab her purse. 

"At first, I was like, 'This only happens to people in movies,'" she said, "I was shocked at first." 

Olivia refused to let go of her purse which led to a violent altercation with the criminal. 

"He punched me in the face and that made me really mad," she said. 

Olivia eventually ended up on the ground with the attacker, covering her face for protection. She was unable to see the two strangers who suddenly appeared and chased the thief away. 

"I would really like to thank them because I know it could've been a lot worse," she said tearing up. 

The criminal left Olivia with a bruise on the arm, cuts on her lip, and a knot on the head. Although shaken up, she said she isn't going to let this stop her from living her life. 

Police are investigating. The attacker has not been found.