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Teachers, Serving Our Kids deliver food to students

Nonprofit ensures students stay full on weekends
Posted at 6:54 AM, Mar 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-20 13:23:41-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — As schools remain closed during the coronavirus pandemic, CCSD continues to provide breakfast and lunch to students on weekdays.

But on weekends, Serving Our Kids Foundation aims to bridge the gap. The non-profit is delivering food to children so they stay full during the weekend.

Friday, they delivered food bags to more than 100 students at Harmon Elementary school. This has been a very important service for kids and families for years -- even more so now when we're going through a tough time.

Ashley Campbell, the Assistant Director at Pinecrest Foundation says, "We don't know if mom and dad are at work right now. We don't know if they're working less hours. If their pay has been cut so we're not sure if they can afford to go buy these groceries and right now even if they can go pick up their breakfast and lunch for the week at least there's weekend food bags from Serving Our Kids."

The foundation serves 3500 elementary and junior high school kids every week.

The minute the school closure was announced Sunday, Serving Our Kids kept getting phone calls and emails from teachers, counselors and school principals, asking if they would still deliver the food to their students.

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The unfortunate reality is for some kids, they rely on the breakfasts and lunches served at school for their meals during the week.

That's why teacher Stacey Rau says this program is crucial. "Seeing the students when they get the bags are always very happy because they know they're going to have food over the weekend it's so helpful for their families."

Rau is just one of many teachers helping deliver food and books to kids and families in need.


Patricia Farley, Board President of the foundation, says, "Teachers are going the extra mile not just in the normal classroom not just delivering the food bags to students who cant get to a walking school or don't have parents or grandparents or grandparents who is taking them to these locations to pick up bags. What we have are teachers dropping them off to their homes."

You can help the organization by buying designated items from servingourkids.org and dropping the items off at their warehouse 121 Industrial Park rd., Ste. 110, Henderson, NV 89015.

Serving Our Kids has been struggling to get groceries for weeks now because of panic buying and hoarding. It is echoing the message from public officials to stop hoarding and think about your neighbors during this time of need.