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Teacher says CCSD pulled job offer without explanation

Posted at 11:32 PM, Aug 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-31 02:32:57-04

A man says he spent his summer preparing to be a Clark County School District teacher only to have a job offer pulled out from under him.

Joe Minnich says the district retracted his full-time teaching offer and never explained why.

He wanted to bring his years of theater experience to Cheyenne High School this fall. He's acted, directed and taught theater before. It was enough for the Cheyenne principal to offer Minnich the job on the spot.

Minnich was then told the district would be in touch with all the paperwork, including a contract offer. He says nothing ever came.

Minnich says it was five weeks after the initial offer when the principal called with a different offer to take the job as a substitute.

"I felt a slap in the face saying we don't value you," Minnich said.

He turned down the position, saying he didn't think it was fair that he was being asked to do the same job at half the pay and without benefits or the security of a year-long contract.

We asked the school district about the situation.

They gave us a statement saying, "The district always encourages all applicants to follow up on their application status, as well as with their contacts within the Human Resources Division. All teacher applicants are required to have appropriate documentation to include past experiences and appropriate references, and to meet licensing requirements."

Minnich says what happened to him doesn't make much sense considering the teacher shortage the district is going through.

Clark County has more than 300 teaching vacancies.

Without a teaching job, Minnich has found work as a freelance graphic designer. He also says he has teaching interviews lined up with private schools.