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Tattoo shops allowed to move closer to residential areas

Posted at 5:51 PM, Dec 08, 2017

Tattoo shops could be coming closer to your neighborhood.

The city of Las Vegas approved a change this week that would allow tattoo studios to open up in retail areas closer to residential neighborhoods.

As tattoos and body art seem to slowly be losing their social stigma, the image of a run-down, unsanitary tattoo parlor appears to be a thing of the past.

Societal acceptance was one of the reasons the city council decided make the change that allows tattoo shops to move out from solely industrial and commercial districts.

Revolt Tattoos is a business looking to take advantage, having applied for a permit to open their second location inside Meadows Mall.

"I don't think a mother walking by going to get their child shoes would have a problem walking by our shop," said Jason Cole Wetzel, the CEO of Revolt. "It's respectable."

Wetzel says with the way tattoo culture has gone more mainstream, a move to the mall would bring them closer to their customer base.

"Some people who would be afraid to go somewhere else, they would go [to the mall]," said Linda Hourihan, a mother who has a tattoo.

A spokeperson with the city told 13 Action News tattoo shops will have to apply for a special use permit (SUP) if they want to operate in a C1 Limited Commercial zone.

Currently, the businesses are allowed in M Industrial and M1 Commercial-Industrial zones, as well as C2 General Commercial zones with an SUP approved by the city council.

For a closer look at the zoning map, click here.