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Las Vegas mother fed up with tardy school bus

Posted at 11:26 PM, Oct 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-22 02:38:21-04
A Las Vegas mother is fed up after she says her daughter got in trouble at school because her bus was late picking her up.
"An hour late they stood out here on a main street," Courtney Marquez said.
Marquez says the bus being late to take her daughter to Faiss Middle School is frustrating enough, but the fact her daughter was in trouble for it made matters worse.
"They are not showing up, the kids are getting late to school, they are getting unexcused tardies. It is not their fault," Marquez said. 
Marquez says the bus on her daughter's route has been especially bad in the last week after school.
"I've gone to get her twice in the four days," Marquez said.
The Clark County School District says late buses are not an ongoing issue at Faiss Middle School, but acknowledged it does happen.
Students are supposed to be given a slip excusing them from their tardy. They say if there is a problem, parents should address it with the school.
Marquez says she did that but is worried the same thing could happen to other students.
"There are other kids on the bus. 60 kids shouldn’t have to do that. 60 parents shouldn't have to go to the office to do that," Marquez said.
The district admits they have more than 100 unfilled bus driver positions. It says substitute drivers unfamiliar with routes occasionally lead to delays.